Don Simeon Bernardo’s Demon Tomb Statue / Barangay 666

There’s a particular tomb at the Tugatog Public Cemetery in Malabon, Metro Manila that’s notorious for having a statue of Lucifer standing triumphantly over St. Michael, the exact reverse of how the archangel is usually portrayed in pictures and sculptures. And there’s a barangay in the capital city of the Philippines that bears the mark of the devil in its name. Gideon Mendoza, co-host of the Filipino true crime and horror-comedy podcast Creepsilog lends his voice in this episode.

This episode’s companion photos:

References for Don Simeon Bernardo’s demon tomb statue:

References for Barangay 666:

Music: “This House” and “Echoes of Time v2” by Kevin MacLeod (

Photos above via,

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